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Many companies out there can landscape your house, but if you want it done right look no further than Sangillo's.  Below are some of the services we offer to our residential customer.  

Complete Landscape Design

Sit down with our experienced staff and design the backyard of your dreams.  We can take your backyard, no matter what it looks like and turn it into something beautiful.


No matter what time of year it is, nature is always messy.  We do year round clean ups. Leaves, dead trees, fallen branches or anything you don't want in your yard are things we can take care of.

Grading and Sodding

The perfect landscape starts with perfect grass.  We take your bare yard and, using either sod or seed depending on a number of factors, grow the most luscious grass.  

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Already have a backyard you love but have have few dead trees or just want to spice it up a little? We can plant hundreds of different kinds of trees shrubs and flowers to suit your needs.  We work with local nurseries to bring you the best quality plants we can.

Retaining Walls

Our expert team of guys have put up countless walls.  We can install any wall you need built.

Hydroseeding and Stabilization

Almost every landscaping job needs some sort of soil stabilization.  Using a special combination of hay, tack and fiber mulch we can stabilize pretty much any land.

Walkways and Patios

No outdoor space is complete without walkways and patios.  We use all kinds of materials to create the look you want.  We use materials such as brick, slate and stone to satisfy your needs.

Land Clearing and Excavating

Retention basins, forest clearing, ponds and drainage trenches are just a few of the jobs we can accomplish.  We have a wide array of equipment with skilled operators that can complete your job 

Brush Cutting

Have an open field or empty lot overgrown with weeds and saplings?  Call us to take control of those out of control areas.

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